Mission Statement
Ceracast will be recognized by our customers in Sub Saharan Africa and other targeted markets as their preferred supplier.

We will be known for our superior standards of quality, service, innovation and technical excellence.We will be a company to which our people are proud to belong.

Ceracast offers a world-class product and we are committed to growing our business both here and abroad, to take advantage of the opportunities that exist to provide customers with high spec products at competitive prices, good quality, exceptional deliveries and first class service.

Vision Statement
We will be a CUSTOMER focused MARKET driven company.

We will continuously improve our standards of quality in every aspect of our business; maintain our products at the forefront of technological development and set the industry standards for superior service.
We will train and develop our people to attain their true potential; we will create an environment in which our people will be empowered to the limit of their ability; we will fairly reward our people according to their abilities and performance. We will insist on a zero tolerance to non compliance towards safety.

We will grow our business through increasing our market shares, developing new products, acquiring new business, forming new strategic alliances and penetrating new markets.
We will improve our profitability through increased efficiencies, improving productivity and creative working capital management enabling us to exceed the corporate requirements.

GR Kloppers
Managing Director

Quality Policy

As the Managing Director, I, together with all company personnel, have accepted the responsibility to maintain an effective Quality management System in accordance with SABS ISO 9001/2000.

The Operational Manager is the appointed Management Representative.

This will ensure that this Management Quality Policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the Organization.

The Management Quality Policy of Ceracast is directed towards achieving the following objectives:

  • To provide the customer with a high level of confidence
  • To assure current and potential customers of our commitment that the quality program will provide an assurance of competence and reliability.
  • To provide a high standard of product quality , economically which will meet all contractual requirements of company and its customers.
  • To ensure castings are supplied effectively in accordance with our conditions of sale
  • To reduce Price of Non Conformance
  • To contribute to the profit objectives of Ceracast by minimizing the direct costs of quality management without compromising on:
  • The cost of potential losses, defectives, wastages and warranty options
  • The vital necessity of completing all orders placed without any failure
  • To continually improve skills throughout the company and to develop self-discipline and attention to detail by employees when conducting the activities of the company.
  • To increase quality awareness within the company and encourage personnel to apply the principles of quality management at all times.